Caring For Your Spectacles

When you collect your new spectacles we will advise on a cleaning regimen and also supply complimentary cloths and other suitable cleaners.

Otherwise avoid using strong detergents, solvents, abrasives, acids and hot water.

Acids and strong chemicals may be disguised as lemon juice or hard water.

Leaving your glasses in the car in the sun on a hot day might be regrettable.

And finally your specs don't fit on the top of your head or under your feet or on your seat. They are not edible nor are they pet food and they are not a toy for the grandkids.

Note also if you colour your hair, to avoid contacting the colouring agents with any part of the glasses.

Wiping the lenses with a dry tissue or cloth may result in scratching the lenses. There are no lenses that are scratch proof, but the latest lens surfacing technology results in very scratch resistant lenses.