Choosing a Frame

In choosing a frame one might consider the following:

  • How fashion conscious you are?

  • Is this one of several frames that you already own?

  • Does it need to be robust or light weight?

  • Do you need to avoid certain materials due to allergy?

  • How long do you want to keep them, or how frequently you usually replace your specs?

  • Are there certain designs you gravitate towards, and most comfortable wearing?

  • Are there certain colours that suit you best or, you often wear certain colours and the specs will match the outfit?

  • The minimum size of the frames required for the prescription lenses.

Lots of people have one main set of glasses that they use. If that's the case don't choose something eccentric as it might be out of place in the garden or too delicate. If you replace your specs every few years don't over commit to the fashion of the season. If you have one set of specs make sure they are of decent quality as without them you might be limited.

Spectacles can be influential in your presentation, so keep to a certain design if “that's you” or try something new for a “new you”.

We stock many top brands to choose something stylish or something robust and classic.

Look out also for genuine deals and promotions that are presented from time to time.