How To Tell If There is Something Wrong? What

After contact lenses are prescribed and the fitting is checked and finalised by the optometrist the eyes should be calm and clear.

To tell if there is something wrong, is to see redness (particularly localised), to note an increase in discharges or tearing from the eye, blurring vision, intermittent clarity, increased sensitivity of the eyes or sensitivity to looking at light. If the lenses are irritating the eyes or there is a foreign body sensation particularly if you suspect something may have gone into your eyes. Remove the lenses and inspect them, if there is any defect in the lens no matter how big/small and no matter where on the lens, that lens is not suitable to put in the eye. If no defects in the lens clean the lens thoroughly and flush the eye with an approved solution and replace the lens. If the complication returns then remove the lenses and get the prescribing optometrist to review your eyes.

If the symptoms are significant then just remove the lenses flush the eyes and seek attention, if the prescribing optometrist is unavailable then another optometrist or ophthalmologist would be best otherwise GP/hospital.