Prescription Lenses

There is a huge range of spectacle lenses available. Your optometrist will ask you questions regarding the application and uses required of the glasses and may advise you on several working options that will meet your needs.

We are not limited to, nor contracted to certain lens suppliers, therefore we offer a genuine value choice of products from the world market that best suites your needs and budget.

We also supply prescription safety lenses and sunglasses.

Unfortunately optics is based on physics and mathematics. Optics controls not only the clarity of vision but also the distance of clarity and the size of the clear zones of the lenses. Mathematics is not stretchable. So to get something that ‘works for you’ and not ‘run rings around you’ consider the following:

  • What you will be doing with them

  • How far your computer monitor is from your eyes

  • How far you hold your reading material from you

  • Do you want to see multiple working distances; for example knit and watch TV

  • Lighting